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Build Strategies,
Build Confidence,
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Additional benefits that you will get

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Cloud Sync feature

Real time offline-online inventory sync, Do not bother about the availability of internet. We have thought about it and enabled sync of data from your local device as soon as internet becomes available.

Cloud Store syncs data in the background

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Availability of data for ever and insightful analytics

Save data about your customer on the cloud, Your customer once he is registered and transacts, eComchain POS analytics is itching to take over to provide most useful insights about your customer.

Analytics from the Cloud

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Send invoice via SMS

Sending Invoice digitally is a useful feature and saves a lot of time and paper as well which is a good thing because it is environmentally friendly.

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User Friendliness

The user experience is just super cool as I can finish a transaction in few clicks and not only that, I am also able to see whether I am billing the right product and not something else that a customer wants

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Think Finance - Even loans

Innovative Pricing models We have a range of financial options for you to opt from. You could either pay the full amount upfront or Monthly. If you are very careful with money, you could also go for a loan as we are tied up with Fintech companies.

Very light on the pocket

Feature customer support@2x d42363c7b88e87ed0f9aa72e32675bfdc6441b0adbbfba8530e1ab260c014f0f

Fantastic customer support

The customer never takes a back seat. The quality of service shouldn't deteriorate. So customers are given various channels to interact - Call, Message, Chat and Personal visits.

We genuinely care!

Experience eComchain POS in 3 Steps


You can self-register your store on the web using computer or mobile phone.


Download Catalog App on Google Play Store, register your device and with click of a button upload the catalog to the Cloud infrastructure.

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Launch POS, eCommerce, Mobile Application. Give an omni channel experience to your customers.