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Horses for Courses

Many of the business are run by eComchain Platform

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Retail stores

Solution for Grocery, Electronics Hardware, Liquor boutiques, departmental stores.

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Quick Eats

Provide express service to your customers through our Fast-food restaurant POS.

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Fine Dining Restaurants

Bring versatility to the fore - capable of handling interesting scenarios that you can imagine. Order taking by hotel staff. Customers placing orders by themselves. Relaying orders to kitchen. Inventory management. Stretch your imagination.

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Manage your clients, align your stores with regulation, store prescriptions and also accept online orders for deliveries.

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Run your apparel store with ease, identify and segment customers, Send beautiful and professional promotional messages to your target customers with ease.

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Keep track of sales, repairs, stocks refresh your new models easily with few clicks and keep accurate track of the costs.

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Understand your customers, their preferences and schedule better through the integrated CRM in addition to the billing applications. Send special offers mail in quick time.

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Shoe Boutique

Increased flexibility to manage the astounding changes of shoe models and retirement of models.

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Agriculture Merchants

Most suited not only for billing but also for managing the expired and to be expired stock as our solution constantly alerts the Store Management of such items.

Experience eComchain POS in 3 Steps


You can self-register your store on the web using computer or mobile phone.


Download Catalog App on Google Play Store, register your device and with click of a button upload the catalog to the Cloud infrastructure.

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Launch POS, eCommerce, Mobile Application. Give an omni channel experience to your customers.