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Easy and Fast Billing

INBOUND AND OUTBOUND STOCK We have designed the platform keeping the urgency of the customer in mind. Our aim is that the customer should not spend more than 30 seconds at the counter depending upon the number of goods purchased.

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Smart Inventory Management

Not only do we say the position of the inventory in your stores at any one point int time but also give insights on what to stock, how much and during what period by using our analytics.

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Socially Engaging Customer Management

A customer management system to Capture the information your customers most essential information for bringing repeat business.Know your customers well through various reports and customer oriented analytics that help you stock and ​sell the right products

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Staff Management

Today's retail platforms demand the staff management feature and this is precisely our offering. The platform lets you to

  • Manage joiners and leavers
  • Manage staff time sheets​
  • Shift Management
  • Reporting at staff level
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Actionable Reports

The platform produces the reports that are most relevant to your business and have a bearing on your business metrics.

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Online Store Front

It is increasingly becoming apparent that just having a brick and mortar store can only get that much business and doing business online has become imperative.Our platform has the capability to enable the online channel once you make your catalogue available.

Experience eComchain POS in 3 Steps


You can self-register your store on the web using computer or mobile phone.


Download Catalog App on Google Play Store, register your device and with click of a button upload the catalog to the Cloud infrastructure.

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Launch POS, eCommerce, Mobile Application. Give an omni channel experience to your customers.